A blog about Lamb Island in Moreton Bay, Queensland – a unique little paradise under forty kilometres as the seagull flies from Brisbane CBD.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

A guide to shopping on Lamb Island.

Here at Lamblog Central we were once asked, by the teenage daughter of some people who were intending to visit the island, whether our mall would be worth checking out. In a word, no. Above is our entire local ‘retail experience’, the Lamb Island Convenience Store, aka ‘the kiosk’. It’s run by a nice couple, Chris and Eka, and it supplies us Lamb Islanders with basics like milk, bread, groceries, fruit and vegetables, etc. It’s also a popular place for locals to catch up over coffee and snacks. Its premises started out life as a fairly ordinary little dwelling that was adapted as a shop, and although it’s kinda pokey inside, that’s part of its charm. And okay, it’ll never threaten the major supermarkets in terms of price or range, but it works for us. Even without a teen fashions department.