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Sunday, December 04, 2016


One of the benefits of building out here on the Bay Islands is that we’re not hamstrung by the kind of covenants that developers impose on their subdivisions in order to be able to promise potential buyers that the value of their new home won’t be compromised by a nearby neighbour building anything less McMansionish than everyone else. But we don’t have that problem. While council regulations apply to ensure that houses are built properly, actual design is a matter of personal choice and budget.

For example, as shown above, someone’s currently building an L-shaped house here on Lamb Island, using adapted shipping containers as the main component. Once they’re in place there’ll be a pitched roof and decking etc added, and the house will sit kinda nicely into its island environment. And okay, maybe it won’t be quite as spectacular as the award-winning Irish container home featured in TV’s 'Grand Designs’ and shown below, but I’m sure the owners will be very happy with their version.