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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

It was a dark and grouch-free night.

Last night was Halloween. Me, I’m personally anti the whole idea of Australian kids being sold an American corruption of a Christian appropriation of an older pagan Celtic festival. And I’m aware that a lot of other people share my bemusement about little kids who’ve probably been warned never to accept sweeties from strangers being encouraged to bang on strangers’ doors and demand sweeties – and potentially being disappointed/traumatised by negative reactions from grouches like me.

But I was grudgingly impressed by the elegant way this dichotomy was handled here on Lamb Island. Our little convenience store (aka ‘the kiosk’) displayed a list of residents who’d opted-in to welcoming kids seeking treats, so that their parents could ensure that they only called at those houses where they’d get a grouch-free welcome. It’s the kind of thing that’s probably only possible in a small community like ours, and according to reports, it worked out well. Especially for this grouch.