A blog about Lamb Island in Moreton Bay, Queensland – a unique little paradise under forty kilometres as the seagull flies from Brisbane CBD.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pizza d’Agnello.

That title is by way of introducing a post about the food now available at the Lamb Island Recreation Club. Compared to the glitzy pokie palaces enjoyed by more ‘sophisticated’ mainlanders, Lamb Island’s pokie-less club is a fairly low-key affair, relying on members volunteering to serve, clean, etc, and sometimes in the past, to cook meals and snacks. But recently, a local who’s come back to live on the island after some years of cheffing on the mainland has taken over the club’s kitchen, and everyone’s raving about the food in general – and in particular, the pizzas. And no, the menu doesn’t actually include a ‘Pizza d’Agnello’ (which, according to me, could be Italian for ‘Pizza of Lamb’) but I’ll do anything for a contrived post title.