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Sunday, March 20, 2016

We elected to keep the status quo the same way like it is.

I’ve used that convoluted Abbott-esque post title because I’m talking politics. Like the rest of Queensland (even though most of us islanders like to think we’re not really part of it), we residents of Redland City had our local government elections yesterday. And sadly, just like politics at every level these days, some of the campaigning between opposing mayoral aspirants and their blocs got kinda ugly, with disinformation and mud-slinging along the way. But at least for us on the Bay Islands, peacefully insulated as we are from the mainland zeitgeist, the contest to represent us at local level was polite and respectful.

Our incumbent councillor, Mark Edwards (shown above), represents all four of our islands along with a relevant chunk of mainland Redland Bay. He stood on his record and a promise to keep doing what he’s been doing, and that resonated with most of us to the extent that he was re-elected with 73% of the vote.