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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Flora and fauna. And yeah, also plants and critters too.

Surfing the television the other night, desperately searching for something that wouldn’t incite me to throw household objects at the set, I caught some idiot describing somewhere as being a place of ‘flora, fauna, plant life and animals’. Uh-huh. Well, Lamb Island is a declared flora and fauna sanctuary, and I think the plant life and animals might be protected too. They certainly do okay around our place.

The little critter above is an antechinus, not photographed by me because, while our resident one is active during the day (possibly because it hasn’t read the literature that insists it’s nocturnal), it sticks to the undergrowth and/or bounds kangaroo-style across any open space at a speed much too fast for me and my camera. They’re tiny, with bodies around only 100mm long, plus tails of a similar length.

Its vaguely-related cousin below (again, not shot by me because they are nocturnal) is a bandicoot. They’re much larger, from maybe 300mm up to just over 400mm. Our block is quite large (1644 square metres) and much of it is native shrubbery, with natural bush on adjacent land. Our bandicoots live somewhere there, and although we occasionally see one scooting across our deck at night, mostly we just hear them scrabbling through the leaf litter or digging into the ground. Or, as the bottom picture shows, we see where they’ve excavated even the fairly hard-packed gravel paths in our garden.