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Monday, December 15, 2014

Stuff to do during school holidays.

Okay, so school’s now on holidays, and this was going to be an ironic post about how Lamb Island kids are kinda disadvantaged compared to their suburban counterparts. About how, unless their folks take them across to the mainland, Lamb Island kids haven’t got a Macca’s to get fat in, or malls to hang about in, or a cineplex to see crap movies in – just an island to safely roam free on or ride their bikes around without dodging traffic, maybe have a swim, or go fishing.

But then, being old and cynical, I found myself wondering whether kids actually do anything much these days other than fiddle with smartphones and techno-gizmos anyway. Still, as my admittedly fakey-stagey photo is meant to suggest, Lamb Island’s a nice place to be doing even that.