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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Going out on a limb, maybe we’ll have friarbird chicks.

I just happened to be looking out from the side of our house, and noticed something new. It’s a nest, and it’s being attended by a Noisy Friarbird, feeding either a brooding partner or chicks. Personally, I hope it’s chicks, because that’d mean the friarbirds are in with a chance of bringing up friarbirds rather than Koels. Koels are cuckoos, at least twice the size of the friarbirds, and they haven’t arrived on the island yet this season. If they get here and lay before the friarbird eggs hatch, their chick will toss the friarbird chicks/eggs out of the nest and the friarbirds will feed the Koel chick without ever apparently noticing how big and different it is.