A blog about Lamb Island in Moreton Bay, Queensland – a unique little paradise under forty kilometres as the seagull flies from Brisbane CBD.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Welcome to the machine.

We islanders, being simple unsophisticated folk, have up until now paid for our waterbus trips by buying tickets from the ‘deckie’ or having pre-purchased multiple-trip tickets punched by him, along with a joke or a quick chat. But we’ve just been informed that from July we’ll be making a great leap forward into the brave new world of Translink go cards (note the italicised ‘go’ to make the brand seem more dynamic) which we’ll swipe electronically when we travel. We’ve been assured that this will save us money (hmmm?), but the fact is that we’ll lose a certain personal touch. A deckie will still be there to cast-off and tie-up, but it’s going to be less friendly using an electronic card-reading terminal we’re not on first-name terms with.